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NCFP partners with churches of all sizes and denominations to help them launch purity ministries  What do those purity ministries look like?  Please pick the link below.

Every Man's Battle for Purity

The REBELlion

Women of Truth

Project Purity

Veteran's Platoon

Each of these ministries of NCFP is designed to combat the sexual sin permeating our lives, families and the culture in which we live.  

Every Man's Battle for Purity

Every Man's Battle for Purity (EMBFP) is our flagship ministry and is designed to give men the tools they need to become sexually pure for a lifetime.  EMBFP has been field tested with over 7,000 men and has proven to be 91% effective in helping men to become more sexually pure.  To become sexually pure, men need to commit themselves to attending the minimum of the first three stages: The Battle, Purity Boot Camp and the Purity Platoon.  Purity is not something that happens overnight.  It takes time, training, dedication and drawing close to God.  View the five minute promotional video.

EMBFP consists of a three-stage strategy with an optional fourth stage:

  1. THE BATTLE - the kickoff event.  A half-day catalytic event featuring pulse-pounding music, powerful testimonies, riveting video clips, and a "too-close-to-home" drama. Follow the YouTube link to watch the drama  twinmasters.  The goal of The Battle is to help men commit themselves to sexual purity.  View a handful of photographs from previous Battles.
  2. PURITY BOOT CAMP - helps men count the costs of sexual purity.  Purity boot camp meets five days (Monday-Friday) from 6:00-7:30 a.m. or 6:00-7:30 p.m. and is led by trained Lieutenants.
  3. PURITY PLATOON - is where men consecrate themselves to sexual purity and make a turning point in their walk with God.  Purity platoons are small groups of 8-12 men that meet for two hours each week for 16 weeks.  Platoons are led by trained sergeants.
  4. MATURITY PLATOON - (optional) the focus of the purity platoon shifts from sexual purity to spiritual maturity.  Now called maturity platoons, these small groups meet weekly for two hours over 12 weeks.

All materials for each of these stages are supplied by NCFP including promotional brochures, bulletin inserts and promotional DVDs that assist churches in launching this powerful ministry.  NCFP encourages you to watch the 5 minute promotional DVD.  Purity will involve personal sacrifice. Just as Jesus sacrificed His life to purchase our salvation, so with anything worthwhile in life there is a cost. Each of the four stages of EMBFP will cost you finances, time, and energy but the prize of sexual purity is worth it.

If you missed the most recent Battle and are waiting for the next series of events to occur, please follow the link on what to do Until the Battle.

The REBELlion is a powerful three-stage purity ministry geared for teen men 13-19 years of age. The REBELlion begins at 5:30 p.m. on a Saturday and concludes at midnight. It combines both The REBELlion event and Rebel Training. Of course there is the mandatory pizza and pop for dinner and lots of great physical activities to keep young men engaged. Dynamic speakers, praise music, moving testimonies, drama, and awesome video clips make the evening fly by.

On the heels of Rebel Training, men join small groups called Rebel Force Groups where they are led by rebel leaders for 16 weeks. In their Rebel Force Group men learn how to stay sexually pure for a lifetime and how to rebel against the sexualized messages of the culture.

Women of Truth (WOT) is a ministry to the wives of men in EMBFP that helps them deal with feelings of anger, betrayal, and lack of trust.  WOT trains local church leaders who, in turn, strengthen wives, help them to forgive and develop the resources they need to live as a godly women.  WOMEN OF TRUTH meetings are weekly for 2 hours over 12 weeks and coincide with men's PURITY PLATOONS.

Project Purity

NCFP partners with denominations to screen and assess for sexual addiction.  NCFP utilizes tools that assess for sexual addiction in new pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and other Christian workers coming into a denominational district.  PROJECT PURITY also provides veteran pastors and Christian workers with a confidential resource for assessment and referral.

Veteran's Platoon

VETERAN'S PLATOON is a follow-up ministry for men who have successfully completed Every Man's Battle For Purity and desire the ongoing accountability of a platoon of men. Vet's Platoons meet for 12 weeks and cover curriculum that is tailored to the unique needs of veterans of the purity ministry. Vet's Platoons meet in the fall and winter months with an awards dinner in the spring.


Vet's Platoon 2014/2015 Schedule


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